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Within the Shadow of the Light that We Are

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Within the Shadow of the Light that We Are

(A poem for times of stress)

Within the shadow of the Light that we are

the answers wait, like warriors of truth, patiently.

They have all of eternity. It is our time to right the blessed planet that is almost gone, our hourglass that is emptying.

Warriors of truth, whispering voices, calm, resigned, voices

we have pretended are not real, whisper still.

The answers lie within you, within you, within you…

I could make a list of the warnings we have been given,

but its length would circle the world.

I wish the voices would pierce our darkness and our resolve to be deaf.

I wish the voices were loud, would cut through our fear, which we wear like a proud emblem on our bellies, proclaiming what team or tribe we belong to.

Fear not, fear not, love one another, fear not, fear not, love your enemies

I want the truth to rip the drapes off our mirrors that we have so cleverly arranged, so that we can never quite see ourselves, or how much we look like our enemy cousins.

Love one another, do unto others…fear not…

But I am not innocent. My compassion lacks commitment some part of every day. I cover my ears regularly and ignore the whispers. And my fear that somewhere within me in the darkness is that warrior of Light waiting to be summoned is real. And what will I say? What will I do? “Let it be unto me according to………”?

Fear not, love one another, within you, within you, within you, be at peace…

They said, “Put on the armor of God” and then He said, “It is within you.” and that’s when we got frightened, that’s when we got confused, or pretended to be.

That’s when we went within the shadow of the Light that we are.

Still the warriors of Light wait patiently to see what we will do.

Be at peace, the way through will be revealed within you. Within you, within you.

-- Linda Beatrice Brown

March 16, 2020

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