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The House of Gratitude

Poems Offered During Covid Times

Paperback – May 1, 2021

In these 52 poems written during 2020, Brown offers both inspiration and reflection. Her poems have been called mystical, comforting and even liturgical.  At the same time they are a reflection of spiritual activism, and a reaction to the pandemic experience we have all shared. 

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A Mother Knows Her Child

Poetic Meditations from Mary 

Paperback – July 12, 2014

Presented through the imagination of the poet, Mary the mother of Jesus is seen as a human being whose extraordinary life is central to the Great Story. The author has represented the face of an iconic figure and brought her to life so that the divine and the human come together as a powerful symbol, both reachable and ethereal at once.


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Belles of Liberty: Gender, Bennett College And The Civil Rights Movement  

Paperback – March 1, 2013


The historic Greensboro, North Carolina lunch counter Sit-in on February 1, 1960 is one of the most well known incidents in Civil Rights history. This singular event was universally credited to four young men from North Carolina A&T State University. Significantly, the integration of public accommodations of that city and many cities followed. Belles of Liberty: Gender, Bennett College and the Civil Rights Movement recalls a more complete story, illuminating what historians overlooked: that the first Sit-in in Greensboro was carefully planned on Bennett College's campus, and without hundreds of women who sat down, marched and were incarcerated from 1960 to 1963, the Sit-in effort and subsequent desegregation of Greensboro and even other cities, might not have succeeded.

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Coming 2022

Linda Beatrice Brown

A Memoir



Under the
Crabapple Tree

Linda is currently working on a memoir due out in the late summer of 2022.

She says, "I offer these experiences and poems as examples of how Spirit has touched my life and deeply enriched my existence on this earth, has in fact made possible the entire fabric of my life. I hope sharing my experiences will in some way be of use to you as you travel your own spiritual journey."

Seeking the Mystery

Black Angels 

Hardcover – September 17, 2009


Black Angels was one of the by  "Best of the Best books of 2009" selected by theChicago Public Library.

The compelling story of three young orphans who must survive on their own during the Civil War.

It's near the end of the war, and rumors of emancipation are swirling. Eleven-year-old Luke decides to run away to freedom and join the Union Army. But he doesn?t find the Yankee troops he was hoping for. Instead, he finds nine-year-old Daylily, lost in the woods after suffering an unspeakable tragedy. Her master set her free, but freedom so far has her scared and alone.

Also lost in the woods is seven-year-old Caswell, the son of a plantation owner. He was only trying to find his Mamadear after the Yankees burned their house with all their fine things. He wanted to be brave. But alone in the woods with two slave children, he quickly loses all his courage, and comes to greatly depend upon his new friends. In the chaos and violence that follows, the three unrelated children discover a bond in each other stronger than family.

A touching, beautifully written narrative, Black Angels is a riveting, special read. 


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Crossing Over Jordan

Hardcover – January 24, 1995

Georgia McCloud lives to see emancipation. Her daughter Sadie discovers that, though she might be free, she is powerless to break with a man who abuses her. But at the center of their communal pain is Sadie's intelligent, beautiful, ambitious daughter Story, who wants more from life than she's been led to expect. Her uncompromising desire for safety corrupts Story to her very soul, dooming her to wander an emotional desert, repressed, rigid, enslaved to propriety. Her daughter Hermine must then challenge the lie that life is hardship. But can Hermine finally break the cycle of oppression that has chained the women of her family? Can she alone cross over Jordan?

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Rainbow Roun Mah Shoulder

Paperback – January 1, 1984

The odyssey of a Black woman in the South in the early 1900s as she discovers in herself a power and becomes a healer.

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A Love Song to Black Men

Paperback – 1975

Linda's first collection of poems.

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