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Treasures in the Cave

Treasures in the Cave What if we just admit that we’re tired? Tired of being without, being lonely, being patient, being brave. Tired of hiding our pain, our loss, our fear for others’ sake, tired of being strong. People hide things in caves. In the dark corners that threaten to overwhelm. But what if the darkness is only a stage set, a backdrop that waits for your story? People find things in caves. What if someone or something more ancient than time, made imprints, shinings of red and gold on the walls of your heart cave? What if this chamber holds their message, just so you’d find it today? What if this moonless place holds unopened treasures that transform? What if in the corners and the shadows of your heart there are riches that illuminate despair, there is healing for the taking, in the messages someone painted on the walls so long ago? And what if you wrote an answer in your own illumined script about your love and hope and gratitude? They say the One who brought Light to us was born in a cave. And what if you wrote the story of yourself upon those walls, what then? People find things in caves.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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