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The House of Gratitude

The House of Gratitude

Great Mystery, help us to build a house of gratitude,

for gratitude is a place where love’s relentless fire burns bright,

unchanging, and unyielding.

Help us to build a house of gratitude, where we remember Presence within doubt,

Where silence holds the one clear note of life,

Where truth and wisdom forge the alchemy of peace.

Help us to build a house of gratitude,

Where courage arrives to help reclaim our humanness,

Where even wildflowers break through concrete with their song.

Help us to build a place of gratitude where we re-member luminous souls who shone their Light in man-made hells,

A house where we recall that broken hearts make openings where the Light can shine.

Help us to create a place where we might know the path that leads to struggle always opens to a


And finally Holy Redeemer God,

even as we put our bricks in place, our boards and nails, our

dreams that are Your dreams for us,

Bless this House of Gratitude.


© Linda Beatrice Brown

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