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Sweet Honey in the Rock: A Prayer for the New Year

Sweet Honey in the Rock:

A Prayer for the New Year

“And with honey out of the rock should I have satisfied thee.” Psalm 81:16

Magnificent God of our Existence,

In this our time, we have been in a wilderness, much of it of our own making.

This time, so brief in Your infinite being,

so long in our miniscule understanding,

this time has landed us in an unknown land, in an uncharted desert.

We ask for the healing breath of your Divinity

that makes clear the way we must travel,

that makes straight the pathway for us to see how to reconcile ourselves to ourselves.

We ask that we may hold on to hope in this eye blink of time,

to claim You as our oasis in this human story.

Teach us to follow our hearts’ leading, to hear the soft murmur of the dove of peace, for the soul of the country has been breached and our wounds are deep.

Help us to receive the gift of this wounding, that we may have

the strength to begin again.

The young poet told us that “the world is a veil of soul making”. We ask for the wisdom to make anew the soul of our land.

May we have the courage to seek out the rock in the desert that holds Your abundant love, and this time not turn away from life.

There is honey in the rock that bears our name. Let us speak the right words and do the right deeds that will allow the honey to flow.

There is sweet honey in the rock that bears our name.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

*Apologies to vocal group, “Sweet Honey in the Rock”

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