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"If you don’t get what you want, don’t miss the lesson” --His Holiness, the Dali Lama

Beyond the overwhelming fury of the thing,

there is something about how we have refused, how we have how hardened again and again.

This dragon of a storm is roaring for a reason.

In the waves taller than trees, in the dark fury of the winds we are missing it.

And now how can we be still and know?

We are being given the dragon’s treasure and the creature screams in its outrage, “Is this what you want, finally?”

We don’t even notice it has vomited up its diamonds, its yellow chains, as the sickening pull of the great waters swallows up the treasure that sparkles like golden bones, and devours the glittering rocks. The treasure gleams and then is overcome in seething waters.

We are busy listening to our voices, listening to our fear, and Quan Yin rides the dragon on the waves in stillness unimagined. Her voice is a flute, clear as a summer’s afternoon in sun.

There is something we must hear in all of this. There is something we must cherish, some call, some message and maybe we can come to know again what precious truth is hidden in the whirlwind.

Linda Beatrice Brown,

September 10, 2017

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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