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(On the occasion of the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden as President of the United States of America)

Winged one, wise one, bird from ancient Africa, the turning one, retrieving what was missed,

Lead us to the nest of our inheritance.

It is gleaming there, the richness nearly lost.

It is waiting for the opening of our spirit, for the waking of our hearts, the gift primordial, the birthright, the blessing, the word.

Some have returned to the darkness that was hidden, to the toxins that pretended to be gone.

Some have insisted that the dragon owns the treasure and offered up their hearts for fealty and favor. Some have returned to taste the acid of the idol.

May they not be lost forever. May their journey to the turning take them home.

Symbol of our journey forward, lead us to Sophia, to the endless well of Grace, to yet another chance, another yes.

Before we cross the threshold into yet another time of reclamation, there are lessons to remember, gifts of endless possibility.

Lead us down into the spiral of the past for just a moment to retrieve what makes us real what makes us whole and breathing.

Then turn our feet like yours. As we go forward on our path, we recognize your flying always leads us to the future.

Be our courier, our crier, point our way with your great wings, led into renewal by your call.

Let us be Sankofa, flying into courage, our spirits leading to our promise and our joy.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

*Sankofa bird: symbol of the Akan tribe in Ghana: “Go back and fetch what is at risk of being left behind.”

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