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Prayer for the Earth

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Precious Mother God, Great and Holy Spirit,

We come to You today with hearts that are burdened with many challenges. Our country and indeed our entire world is groaning under the birth pangs of change , transformation and creation. Help us to remember that nothing in nature gets born without the work of mothers who in their labor, bring new souls into the world.

Help us to gather unto our hearts Your powerful Light that we may become mothers and midwives of this transformation for Your precious earth Gaia.

May we be instruments of Your will and of Your vision for our planet, ordained before time. We pray for all living creatures for whom this is home, human and otherwise, that we may all be at peace. At this time may we remember those we especially want to hold up for support and healing. (Silent)

As we encircle our planet with healing Light we ask that it may infuse all who are lost in the wilderness of hopelessness, those who are homeless and starving, with no sanctuary out of the storm, and no way to feed themselves or their children, those who are suffering with illness, and addiction, and who are victims of violence, cruelty and rejection. We ask that this Light might infuse those who have closed their hearts and souls to their sisters and brothers, and who are in the wilderness of separation from Life, for this may be the most frightening of all places.

Finally when we lose heart and grow weary and afraid, give us the courage to go forward into what we experience as darkness. May we remember that the Light nearest to us is our Heart Light. You are always there, as close as our breath, and You will never leave us alone. It is with this faith that we become Your instruments, and give birth to a newly transformed Earth, one of wholeness, peace and joy. With gratitude,


Linda Beatrice Brown--received, July 21, 2019

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