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Prayer During Earth Storm

Prayer During Earth Storm

Steady me, Great Mystery, that I may fix myself,

be planted in this storm.

Give me some way to walk this rolling ship that is our home, for we have come unmoored,

and earth’s people need that surety of Presence that You promise

to make it through this turbulence.

Enormous waves of unfamiliar change batter our faith.

I reach out with my small concerns and wonder should I even ask,

but You have taught us Grace is there no matter when or where.

I pray to know my true believing self that does not waver when the thunder comes,

I pray to make it through.

Lord rain Your mercy down and lighten us,

that we may, even in Your sword that parts the clouds,

have glimpse of how You glory us,

of how You dwell within and occupy our will that we may know the gift that comes with certitude, that gift of wholeness. Grant us true vision and a steady hand.

Lord rain your mercy down on us,

and still our hearts to listen to Your rhythm.

Touch our hearts that we may hear,

that somewhere in this fury rocking is the Love that will not let us go,

That we may know beyond this storm is certain easeful peace,

and in the calm to come, the promise in the watered colors trailing on the deck

of that ship that plots its true course

by Your never failing compass.

Linda Beatrice Brown

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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