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Treasure in the Mist

Treasure in the Mist

A Parable

“For where your treasure is, there also will be your heart.” Matthew 6:21


Once, someone told me a story about a secret village hidden in the mists of time.

But only those who believed it was there could find it. They said it was a magic  town. In this village there was good food, a warm bed and someone to love you forever and ever. Everything that was good was in this town, It was a treasure that was hidden in plain sight but only revealed for those who believed. I put on my lucky necklace and started out. It was just something I always wore. I believed.

Driving down the highway in search of it, I day-dreamed about all that would be there, that dream that promised everything, that golden, many faceted dream. I had a small car, but it was reliable. This wasn’t a pleasure ride. I was on a serious treasure hunt. I wanted to find the magic town. I wanted to find my true home.

After a few miles, I hurried past a sign that read, “turn here, this way to the village,” because I wasn’t looking at the shadow of a tree that seemed to be pointing the other way. I thought I was going in the right direction. Anyway, It was a very old sign on a broken down tree.

I passed a sign that told me there was a sale going on. I didn’t stop there to buy anything. Then I saw a sign that said, “Stop Here. Who Do You Think You Are?” That was a little scary! I was sure that a motel with the blinking sign that said, “Cheap rooms!” wasn’t in my village. So, I headed down a one-way road. I had to turn around fast to get out of there.

And then, out of the blue, there it was, that beautiful town! A billboard said the whole town was for sale. “Cheap. Easily acquired. No stress. Write your own terms! Pay later!” I needed a home, you understand. It was everything I was looking for.

Suddenly, I realized. There was no fog. No mist. The story said the village of all things treasured was supposed to be shrouded in mist.

I won’t go into the tantrum I had. It wasn’t pretty.   (Warning. When it looks too good to be true…..) I decided I needed a walk to calm my nerves. I got out of the car and straight ahead there was what looked like a footpath. Out there in the country, I left the car behind. It started to rain, gently. You know that kind of spring rain that is friendly. I took the path.


(I’m sure you know where this is going.)

I walked a long time and didn’t find a village, didn’t find any more signs, or any heavy fog. What I did see was a field of blue and white wildflowers, and a fishing pond with dragonflies. Across the pond some wild turkeys were gobbling to each other and maybe wondering what I was doing there. A very old fishing pole and a broken down chair let me know that someone had liked it there, once. I reached up to touch my lucky necklace, something I did a lot. But my heart sank. It wasn’t there. I was horrified. I loved that thing. It was a heart-shaped locket and it had a message to God in it. There was tall grass everywhere. The clasp must have given way. I looked and looked. When my tears started coming, the sun was about to set. Across the pond I could see some hills in the distance and a beautiful sunset. I lowered my head in despair. Once it got dark I would never find it. And then I saw just a corner of something shining in the grass. The sun’s rays were picking up a sliver of gold. My heart skipped.


As I put on my golden heart in the twilight, careful to close the clasp, a mist began to rise over the pond, and I headed back to my car.


 I stopped looking for the village after that. I can take a hint.



© Linda Beatrice Brown


Photo Credit: ID 109685566 © Anusorn Sutapan|




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