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Poems for Peace

Singing in a Strange Land

Now is the time for our breaking hearts

to be moved to a place of wholeness.

Now is the time to gather at the river and sing the ancient songs.

Now is the time to call down the Light and send it to our island home,

to our earthly family, to ask for strength and courage, and for angels to congregate where we pray.

It is ours to do now, to move together and sing at the river of Light.

Let us gather at this river and sing the ancient songs,

for Babylon belongs to all of us now and we are all in a strange land.

Now all lands are our lands, for we are all sisters and brothers.

We sing the songs of healing for our breaking hearts. We sing the songs of Light, for it is our work to do in this time and place.

We can sing and not be afraid. We can sing and the songs will move from one heart to the next, through space and through time.

As the old song says the crystal tide will carry our songs, and the river of Love will hear us, and our songs will take us home.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

April 1, 2020

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