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Looking For The Light

Looking For The Light

A Prayer for These Dark Times

Precious and Great Mystery,

Here in the darkness of our own making, we are reaching for Your hand,

Your voice, anything that can bring us comfort in this wilderness of fury.

We are weary, and some of us are lost.

There are many who now gather in Your name,

Who wait to hear Your voice within their hearts.

Be with us in this time of trial.

Help us to remember, when we cannot see,

when the darkness is so thick that our hands disappear before our eyes,

help us to remember that Your Light lives in the undiscovered country of the heart.

Be with us in this time of trial.

Help us to remember with hope those who knew Your Light, even in bondage, and gathered themselves within to find their way to survival

in the passage through hell to these shores.

Help us to remember the sunlight of hope. It came to us through the cabin’s cracks, and when it all but disappeared into the soil with the wash water in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and red clay everywhere, it didn’t die; somehow, it didn’t die.

Help us to remember the cloud of witnesses who were brought down in this life, but who, in the name of love,

are here still, watching us, sharing our pain, and giving us what we need to step forward once more.

Help us to remember the gallery of souls who encircle us with their shining,

Your Light within them so powerful it hums, it sings Your word within us, this that does not permit us to lay down the struggle.

Be with us in this time of trial.

Help us to know we will find our way to the undiscovered country of the heart, to the Light still to be embraced, still waiting to welcome us all, still waiting to be called home.

It shines on.


© Linda Beatrice Brown

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