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Let us Make A Giving

Let Us Make a Giving

For Those Who Are Blessed with Enough

Let us give thanks for the ordinary,

for the rains that clear the air,

for the curve of green,

for the yellow sun on wooden planks.

Let us heal our hearts with the everyday,

with the bird gossiping to her friend on the near branch,

with the neighbor’s lawn mower and the solitary boy on his skateboard.

Let us find life in the making of meals,

in the vivid taste of orange on the tongue

in the ripple of light on shadows,

and the mailman who walks and talks on his device with energy.

Let us heal our hearts in this the season of waiting,

for that is our job now, to find life in the silence,

the clash of self with self a distant memory, a distant noise.

Let us breathe into the Certain and Non-demanding Love,

and let the gentle rhythm of trust be our physician.

And, let us make a giving,

tending our hearts in prayer, in generosity for the dying, the homeless, the hungry, and the frantic, that we may also heal by opening our hands, however we can, wherever we can.

Let us relax into the darkness of unknowing, where rest is gifted to the weary, and find our art in giving.

Let us make our breath, in and out, an offering to the Mystery,

that we may finally see the transfiguration of our true blessings.

Linda Beatrice Brown

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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