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To Everything There is a Season

“To Everything There is a Season”

After Ecclesiastes

(Written for the Fourth of July, 2020)

The silver cord has come undone for its strength was always frayed,

and we are called to tether ourselves to what is just.

The golden bowl has split apart for it carried a fault denied,

and now we must mine treasure long hidden and concealed.

The sacred jar has shattered into pieces, for it was never truly fired,

and we are required to throw another pot to hold our birthright.

The cistern’s wheel is broken in two, for its power was flawed,

and we are compelled to devise a new circle to work the well.

Pray for those who are the weavers,

for they will connect brand new threads.

Pray for those who plow and search the fields,

for they will reclaim true riches.

Pray for those who throw the clay,

for they must fashion a new and formidable vessel.

Pray for those who craft the wheel,

for they will retrieve the water of life for everyone.

Pray for us all, that this season will turn the world toward wisdom,

and our home will once more be held in our hearts.

Linda Beatrice Brown, July 4, 2020

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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