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Fancy Footwork: A Dialogue With The Lord of the Dance: Living in Pandemic Two

Fancy Footwork: A Dialogue With The Lord of the Dance

Living in Pandemic Two

Sometimes we have the music and no steps.

Sometimes we have the steps and no music.

The jazz players, they know.

That’s the name of their game.

Make it up as you go along.

Go where the music sends you.

The song says, “Children go where I send thee.”

It says that.

But I can’t see, don’t know the name of the road, and it’s really dark out there.

This way, no that way, go through the forest, go around that typhoon if you can or go through it, but keep dancing, keep playing, keep on keepin’ on.

I’m whistling, yes, in the tunnel, in the cave, in the eye of the storm.

Keep you right foot out, put your left foot out, do the hokey…

and no, not that way.

The only one keeping score is you.

Up above my head I hear music in the air and there must be a God somewhere, there must be, there must be, there must be…

Jazz guys and gals are keeping time for you…a one and a two and….

It’s a mirror image you know.

If Alice looked through the glass you can too. It’s a mirror image and on the other side is the joy of the beat, the rhythm of the change.

Welcome to transformation!

It’s the rhythm of Love, my love, it’s the eternal dance and it’s your invitation to join the band, speak the speech, play the horn, dance the steps, go through the glass

to the joy like never before.

“Fancy foot work will take you home,” says the Lord of the dance. Improvise! You can’t fail!

Linda Beatrice Brown

© copyright, Linda Beatrice Brown

Photo Credit: ID 41260961| © Rawpixelimages|

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