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Break the Darkness Open

Break the Darkness Open

(In Honor of George Floyd)

I pray, I speak my supplication, I beseech,

that we will not waste the meaning of this hour,

neither those who have been silenced

nor those who have done the silencing;

neither those of us who have been turned away

nor those who have turned their backs.

That we will make of this hour a communion of action,

a gathering of fragments, a unity of purpose.

May we not waste this time, its worth beyond all price.

May we not waste the sacrifice of those who suffer,

the courage of those who speak,

the vision of those who see,

the beauty of those who are brave.

May we not waste the cries of those whose hunger is so old it erases even the memory of fullness.

May we not waste the gift of opening to transformative fire,

the meaning of death and the promise of rebirth.

May we not waste this visit from the Holy.

May we feel our hearts burn with the chance to take the veil from our eyes

that we may finally speak together in all our many languages

proclaiming we are one.

This is our chance to say, Yes.

to stand squarely in this blinding shaft of Light

so that full truth can come into our hearts,

and break the darkness open.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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