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A Prayer to God as Mother in Times of Peril

A Prayer to God as Mother

in Times of Peril

Lord Mother, help us to sing You in the morning, in the heat of the day, and in the sunless night.

Help us to sing You to those who have forgotten how to hear Your song.

Help us to bring Your love back home to us in this our time of testing.


Help us to sing for those whose wounds have taken them far, far away from truth,

For those who are afraid of freedom and

whose fears beset them in the twilight and in small hours of despair,

for all who wander in the wild wood seeking false solutions,

for those trapped by illusionary dragons and lost dreams.

for those deafened by pain, and lost in grief.

Too many of our voices grate against themselves, our notes disjointed, tempos out of sync. Too many of our voices groan with fear and weariness and hate.


Give us a song that will restore,

that will put right,

and ring the harmony that’s meant to be,

that will find chords that echo love.

Help us, we pray, to sing You in the morning,

for Your voice moves through the world with fiery longing,

calling us home out of this wilderness, into Your peace.

Linda Beatrice Brown

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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