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Waiting for the Bright

Waiting for the Bright

A Prayer

The dark times hover as if they have life eternal, storm clouds that will never dissipate.

This overcast time we are wading through, this sea of troubles- we would like to know this as a dream, and, “wake me when it’s over” becomes a prayer.

But nothing is wasted after all. The eclipse of the sun, the storm before the calm, the night before the day, the silence before music, these too are gifts of the Spirit, quiet as it’s kept. There is something bright on the other side. Night’s embrace is only the truth of growing, and, yes, we are one with the gestating Mother. The seed must have time to become its own flowering, must have time to make itself into its-Self. If we have to drink the cup may we remember the promise. Joy lives on the other side. And so I wait. I pray to the angels who are Your truth. I wait within this fearful and wondrous gift of numinous night. I make ready for the promise, for the Bright on the other side. I wait and I ask, gently and with awe: Part the sea within us that we may touch the shores of our own promised land. Amen

© Linda Beatrice Brown June 16, 2022 Photo Credit: 99783102 © Allexxander |

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