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Prayer for Faith

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Prayer for Faith

Some days my faith is as slippery as ice underfoot;

Some days it slides through my fingers like water;

Some days my words slip off the page and fall on the floor—a heap of lies? A pile of unbelief?

How many times must I hear Your voice to be reminded You are real,

You are within, You are real?

How many times have You said to me I am; I am here; I am with you?

How could it be otherwise?

How could this not be, this presence, this my precious Lord, my always Mother?

How could this not be the Love that I breathe in and out every minute?

And where did I come from then?

How did I get here?

What then is this breath?

What arrogance taught us that we invented You?

That we made the sweet earth and all her sisters?

That we placed the sun that feeds us?

What arrogance led us to this terrible place of aloneness

this dark hole of pride that says You are not?

Lord, help me to banish my arrogance, my nightmare of isolation that steals upon me with no warning,

for that is the food of poison.

Help my heart to be a night blooming cereus in the darkness of my unbelief,

that my heart may be born again and burst into bloom like the birth of your Christ into the world on that one night.

© copyright Linda Beatrice Brown

March 2020

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