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I Am From Folks Who Won’t Turn Back

I Am From Folks Who Won’t Turn Back

(Black History Month 2021)

Today I celebrate the ancestors.

I am from the brave, the discouraged, the angry, the stubborn.

I celebrate you all. I celebrate your music, my music, our music.

Your children need it now.

I am from the sacrificed ones, the determined ones, those who loved, those who told Jesus it would be all right if he changed their names.

I am from the tired ones, who went to the rock to pray and didn’t hear nobody pray, but kept on going anyway.

I celebrate the ancestors.

I am from Primus who changed his name when he got, oh freedom, even though the world hated him.

I am from the brilliant ones, the lost ones the hurting and healed ones,

the terrified and destroyed ones.

I celebrate the ancestors.

I am from the family moving north from Mississippi, from walk together children don’t you get weary.

I am from ain’t –a that good news and yes, we have crossed the deep river.

From the march to Washington and not just his dream but our dream, and I am wondering, Lordy won’t you help us to break that bread together,

and yes, come here Lord for this is a needy time.

I celebrate the ancestors.

I am from those who ran and those who stayed, from those who fought and those who died, the courageous and the weary, and all those still walking, still moving forward cause they won’t turn back;

they will go on to see what the end will be.

Still witnessing, still singing Your music that tells us we are of each other, all of each other, because it is moving in their hearts, the Spirit. I am from folks who won’t turn back.

I am from those who will overcome.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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