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Because the Flowers Came

Because the Flowers Came

May - June 2022

What does it mean that flowers came in spite of carnage?

That the Voice that calls this blue into being still sings in spite of deliberate evil, and will not be stilled?

Because the lilies spoke their yellow, I breathed, and the magnolia’s outrageous perfume was once more the answer to the lie.

This red bloom has no notion of doing harm, no intention but healing. It is faith resurrected in the face of the intention to destroy.

Those so frightened of life’s promise, so stubborn in their worship of death, lose themselves in their fear of loss.

Life insists on being Life in spite of blind fear.

Because the flowers came, still ringing the changes like chapel bells, messaging that Paradise is not lost yet but always within reach, a soft light glimmers.

Birds innocent of evil orchestrate a three-part composition. The door to the garden swings open.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

June 11, 2022

Photo Credit: 5362314, © Sang Lei |

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