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A Prayer for Human Healing in Our Time

A Prayer for Human Healing in Our Time

Beautiful and Fierce Lover of souls,

polish our bones and heal them,

that we may walk erect and find our way.

The road is full of pits and obstacles,

old roots and murky pools.

We stumble often,

and pray through shadows on the path.

The darkness threatens and cajoles us.

We have removed ourselves from ourselves.

No wonder we cry. No wonder we kill.

Remove the rock that seals our hearts.

Let us hear the rumble of that stone that left an empty tomb.

May we accept the brilliance and perfection that is ours.

Help us to open to Your star,

that never ending planetary fire,

and be found,

That we may hear Your call to us, echoing, ”Come Forth!”

That we may hear Your gold-bright music and

Your waterfall of love,

that we may drink the source of life,

and walk erect,

and finally, be whole.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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