"I don’t understand, but God is the unseen thing that connects my heart to the stars.”

--Marc Nepo


To the fellow travelers,

The unlooked for blessings,

The gifts on the side of the road,

 The angels in the shadows,

The unexpected saviors, The protectors from the storm,

The hidden treasures in the wilderness,

You who have been the company of pilgrims, who have journeyed toward the Great Mystery with me...

Welcome to my Web Site

Anjali is a Sanskrit word that means Offering to the Divine. I choose this word to describe this period of my life. Welcome to my web site. If you are here, you may know me simply as an author. Or you may know me as a teacher. In any case I’m
glad you are here and I hope there will be something here of interest and use to you.


I started a new chapter in my writing and teaching life with the poems in A Mother Knows Her Child. Though I have always been a spiritual seeker, after the life changing experience of being gifted with these poems, I have responded to an impulse to teach classes focused on the Divine as Feminine, as my form of Anjali. The result has been a series of classes called “Spirit in my Life,” a public offering which includes worship and sharing (the Anjali gatherings), several workshops, and of course, more poetry.

I have been fortunate to collaborate with my friend Marilyn Wolf at her venue, Space for Conscious Living, and to serve as a faculty member with her brain child THE SCHOOL, which offers a number of learning experiences that explore the process of conscious living. (see

My spiritual emphasis has always included helping to facilitate social justice and this has not changed. At the SCHOOl we are offering book studies on the role of patriarchy in our spiritual lives, as well as exploring the Divine Mystery as Mother. I believe we are responsible for creating changes that will right the many social wrongs that plague us. As a writer and teacher I believe we must be involved in a way that will help save the planet and ourselves.

So whether I am writing about the Mystery of Divinity as Mother, or social justice, or climate change, and our planet, or the nature of patriarchy, it is always with the consciousness of Anjali. I am committed to the spiritual work I feel I must do. Please take a look at the rest of the web site, and know that I am available for poetry and fiction readings, lecturing, and workshops.

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Guest Poet - April 26, 2020

The Rev Susan Sherard, our guest writer, is a retired Episcopal priest who now lives in Marshall, NC. Her poem “What If” speaks eloquently of how profoundly we are connected to all of life, both large and small, something very much on our minds today.

What If

A Poem for Earth Day 2020


Let's just imagine:  What if,

in staring at that almost-bursting

sage bud in the garden,

or at the finches flaunting 

their new yellow coats, or better yet

at the tip of the tiny ear 

of the rabbit dreaming

of the feast you planted for yourself

just yesterday; what if,

in hearing the wood thrush's first

song of the season, or the rustle

of what-is-that? in the last 

of the dry winter grass, or even

the proud, stolid silence 

of the indomitable stink bug; what if,

in beholding these slightest

gestures of life - never to compete

with endless galaxies or viral

pandemics or great forests full

of trees and creatures and two-legged

sweating bodies hiking, blindly, boldly,

through the maze of mystery; what if,

in studying the smallest works

of the hands of creation, we stumble

on some monumental truths, like 

what it means to inhabit, gratefully, 

only the piece of the picture

that is you, and how well the puzzle,

though impossibly complex, fits together 

when we live in right proportion 

with all else, edges touching; and what if,

in finding our peace in the sliver 

of color or shape or shimmering 

on which our senses fall, we discover

the whole of us reflected:  

beautiful and shining and true.


              -S. Sherard

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