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Holy ~ A Prayer for Trust in Difficult Times


A Prayer for Trust in Difficult Times

Yes, I believe in Spirits. The Holy, Holy One,

And then a host of lesser.


And all these quiet things that haunt my spaces have their lives,

enclose the Light, but keep it safe,

until I call it forth with trust.

These voices that I cannot hear have messages that speak,

these objects that sit silently until I ask,

until I need to be reminded of the love that holds us close in spite of denigration,

until I trust that love is actually present,

until I am reminded of the living proof of Love, no matter how the roar of hatred

crowds my mind.

Not just my roses, though, for they are Mary’s messages,

and there for all to read, but other holy things as well,

my father’s hat; a pair of glasses worn by one who cared;

A scrap of paper with “I love you” written on the other side;

some earrings worn by one long gone;

the photo of an animal that gave his all; a picture painted by my mother; a beloved book with missing pages.

Trust in the Presence that created useful things and sacred time and visions of the beautiful.

Trust in the messages that vibrate wholeness and that speak of peace.

Trust in the Holy Holy, forever Thine entwined with substance.

Oh Magnum Mysterium, oh, Holy.

© Linda Beatrice Brown

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